Simple Installation Steps

Installation will take a few easy steps.


  1. Install Linux
  2. Most recommended and fully tested Linux is CentOS 4.x comes with kernel 2.6, You may download it from:

    Burn it to a CD and boot the server with this CD. Type 'linux text' and continue, follow all instructions. No package would be necessary to install. Just a plan basic installation will be more than enough. Say5 will do the rest.

    Complete instructions on how to install CentOS 4.6 can be found here

    Say5 is now fully compatible with Linux EL5, That means you may enjoy installation of CentOS 5.x, It can be downloaded from their web site or at this link:

  3. Install Say5
  4. When Linux installed make sure you have a live connection to internet, Then type:


    installation will take 10 to 30 minutes depending on connection speed and server specification.

  5. Reboot
  6. When installation finished reboot the server.

  7. Confugure Say5
  8. Now open a browser and point it to:


    Login with root username and password and configure Say5.

Note: You will need a valid license in order to login, If you don't have a license obtain one from a distributor or instantly at


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