Install CentOS 4.x

CentOS is a Redhat Enterprise Linux and is the most recommended Linux operating system to be used with Say5. Here is a detail step by step installation guide:

. Download the first CD of CentOS 4.6 from a mirror or from us. You may also get the complete series, but only the first CD would be required. Burn the CD to a blank media.

2. Make the server ready for installation. Boot with CD you've burned in step 1.

3. You will see this screen, Type “linux text” and enter.

4. If you started with a CDROM then you will see this screen, Note that there are other methods of installation like from network, hard drive, image, etc. This screen will appear if you install from CDROM. Press skip to go to next screen.

5. A welcome screen will appear. Press OK.

6. Language selection.

7. Keyboard Type. Select the keyboard layout and continue.

8. Installation type. Select “Custom” and continue.

9. Disk Partitions. Select “Disk Druid”,

It will give you a warning that all data on hard drive will be deleted. As it's a new installation just select “Yes”.

10. Partitioning. In this section you should make all necessary partitions, Here are suggested partitions to make on a 250GB hard drive while you have 2GB of RAM:


Partition Size Notes
/boot 512 MB  
/tmp 2048 MB  
swap 4096 MB Twice the size of RAM
/var 15000 MB  
/usr 20000 MB  
/ 2048 MB  
/home Rest of disk Fill all available disk spac

Note that pictures are for reference only, Sizes are not actual. When all done click on OK.

11. Boot loader, Select GRUB and continue.

12. Boot loader configuration. If your system needs any special parameters to pass to kernel at boot time, add them here.

13. Do not set password on grub, click OK.

14. Select the hard drive to boot from. Usually that would be your first hard drive.

15. Install boot loader on Master Boot Record

16. Network configuration. If your systems will get IP addresses from a DHCP server select DHCP, Otherwise do not check the DHCP and type the static IP address of server.

17. Host name, For static IPs, select manually and type the host name of server. Usually this will be in form of, i.e.

18. Firewall, Say5 has it's own firewall, So disable the firewall by selecting “No Firewall” and continue. It will confirm your selection, Click on proceed.

19. SELinux. It's a security system on Linux. Say5 is compatible with SELinux, So you may choose “Active” and continue.

20. Language Support. It's for internal uses in Linux. Normally just leave the language as selected and click OK.

21. TimeZone. This can be changed latter in Say5 Control panel. So select your time zone now or leave it for later.

22. Root Password. Type a VERY hard to guess password for root. Using special characters like # ! @ $ % are recommended for maximum security.

23. Package Group Selection. Unselect all groups, None of these packages are required, Necessary packages will be installed latter by Say5. Make sure none of packages are selected and confirm the Total Size of Install to be 740MB.

24. It will inform you that a log will be saved, When click on continue hard drive will be formated and Linux will be installed.

25. Reboot the server and login as root. Done.


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