DNS Daemon Installation

Say5 DNS daemon is a TCP server which you may use to have all DNS zones on a separated server. To start, you need a configured DNS server, This daemon can be installed on a new server or any existing DNS server.
  1. Install Linux
  2. Install bind (yum install bind)
To install Say5 DNS Daemon (say5dnsd) first download it to your server:

EL4 (CentOS 4.x, Redhat Linux Enterprise 4)

wget -O say5dnsd.rpm http://panel.say5.com/latest-dnsd-el4.php
rpm -ivh say5dnsd.rpm

EL5 (CentOS 5.x, Redhat Linux Enterprise 5)

wget -O say5dnsd.rpm http://panel.say5.com/latest-dnsd-el5.php
rpm -ivh say5dnsd.rpm

Now all you have to do is to configure the server. Continue...
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