DNS Daemon Configuration

To configure Say5 DNS Daemon, login to DNS server as root and edit the configuration file with your favorite editor.

Location of configuration file is /etc/say5dnsd.conf

Most important section is the AuthKey which is the authorization key, It should be a string containing all possible characters and at least 32 characters long. Recommended longth for AuthKey is 128.

Here are all configuration options:
  • ServerPort
  • Port of the server where requests will be received
    Default: 55

  • ConnectionQueue
  • Number of connections which will be queued
    Default: 55

  • NamedConfigFilePath
  • Exact location of named.conf with zone data
    Default: /etc/named.conf

  • RndcPath
  • Exact path of rndc program
    Default: /usr/sbin/rndc

  • AuthKey
  • Authentication Key
    Each client must have this key in order to connect to the
    DNS daemon, Use a random string larger than 32 characters
    Default: blank

  • ZoneFilesPath
  • Path to folder where zone data files will be stored
    Default: /var/named

  • ZoneFilesPrefix
  • Prefix of zone file name
    Basically zone file name will be calculated based on domain
    name, That would be prefix+domain+suffix
    Default: blank

  • ZoneFilesSuffix
  • Suffix of zone file name
    see ZoneFilesPrefix
    Default: .db

  • ZoneType
  • Default type of newly created zones
    Default: master

  • ZoneFilePermission
  • File permission of new zone files
    Default: 0644

  • ZoneFileOwner
  • File owner of new zone files
    Default: named

  • ZoneFileGroup
  • File group of new zone files
    Default: named

  • DebugLevel
  • For developers, This will be the debug level, debug information will be logged in /var/log/messages log file
    Possible values:
    0 -> No debug
    1 -> Some debug info
    2 -> Lots of debug info
    Default: 0

  • Slave Servers
    This section will define any slave server you have for instance if you have 4 DNS servers then you may consider one of the the primary one and others slave

    SlaveServer_ip_1 =
    SlaveServer_port_1 = 55
    SlaveServer_AuthKey_1 = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"

    SlaveServer_ip_2 =
    SlaveServer_port_2 = 55
    SlaveServer_AuthKey_2 = "01234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789"


  • Cache Folder
  • This folder should be writable by say5dnsd process slave operation files will be stored in this folder
    CacheFolder = "/var/cache/say5dnsd"

  • DeleteZoneFile
  • If a delete zone command received this will delete the zone data file if set to 1. Otherwise (0) only configuration setting will be deleted.
    Default: 0
    DeleteZoneFile = 0


Once all configuration options updated start/restart the say5dnsd:

service say5dnsd restart

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