Command: SysInfo

This api command returns some system information.


API Command Name: say5_sysinfo

Required Parameters:

channel Type of system information, This can be:

CPU: Information about CPU of the server
MEMORY: General memory information
KERNEL: System Kernel
DRIVES: System hard drives
DRIVE_LIST: List of hard drives with details
OS: Operating System
APACHE: Running Apache version
PERL: Running Perl version and some useful paths
PHP: Running PHP version
MYSQL: Running MySQL version and other info
MAIL: Path to sendmail 
LOAD: Current system load
ALL: All information

If no channel specified ALL will be assumed. Invalid or unknown channel will return error.

Optional Parameters:

There is no optional parameters for this command.

Sample request to send to Say5 api:

$request  = 'command=say5_sysinfo&channel=all';
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