Command: Create Account

This api command creates a new account.


API Command Name: create_account

Required Parameters:

user_name This will be the user name of the account
password Password of the account
domain Domain name
email Contact email address of the account's owner
plan Hosting plan for the account

Optional Parameters:

These parameters are optional and will override the hosting plan specification.

quota Disk quota of the account, value should be in Mega Bytes
bwlimit Monthly Bandwidth limit of the account, value should be in Mega Bytes
max_ftp Maximum number of extra FTP accounts
max_pop Maximum number of mail boxes
max_sql Maximum number of SQL databases
max_park Maximum number of Park Domains
max_addon Maximum number of Addon Domains
max_sub Maximum number of Sub Domains
cgi_access Set to 1 to grant CGI access
shell Shell access of the account, 0 means no access
ip IP address of the account. Possible values are:
0: Use server's shared IP address
1: Automatically assign a unique IP address
<ip>: Use this specific IP

Sample request to send to Say5 api:

$request  = 'command=create_account&user_name=user1&password=123456aa&';
$request .= '&';
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